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1452Re: [steiner] Lazarus!!!

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Dec 16, 2002
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      weirdlook@... writes:
      Thanks lilole and dr starman for your kind replies. It's brings me joy to read that "a wonderful theme for a novel" or anything about poetry and literature, brings joy. I'll check the file section and the link to the book to see what i can find there about Lazarus....

      *******It brings me joy to see anybody doing something creative with what they read, or even just contemplating doing so.  And that relates to how to study Anthroposophy, something that we haven't yet tackled the past two Christmas studies we have done together. The forces of the mere intellect are not enough to grasp spiritual things, but rather the way to experience a book of spiritual science is to take some of its contents and do something creative with them, whether writing, poetry, music, drawing, painting, or in whatever media.

           A study group of spiritual science -- -- -- and that is what we will create here for the 12 Holy Nights in this "room" -- -- --has a couple of our own components that we have somewhat neglected in the past.  First, the groups traditionally name themselves after some important initiate or person in the spiritual world, rather as Christian churches all worship God but would choose Saint Patrick or Saint Luke as their "patron". I guess you could say that, since this list is called Steiner, he's our patron. Second, a group study usually begins with taking a mantra and using it together. I could put some anthroposophical verses here and people could choose which one we'd like to all use.

         But thirdly and most relevant, we should DO something artistic or creative with what we study. So, as we look forward to studying the book together over the 12 holy nights, I'd like everyone to think about DOING something creative with what we're going to read. For instance, one of the chapters of the book is about Lazarus. You might like to take that chapter, Diego, and share with us what it stimulates in you. Of course, if it's possible to do it in some form that can be shared with the whole group, that would be wonderful.  Any visual art can be converted into a form that can be shared online here, and so also could anything musical or involving sound. Even video is possible to be transmitted now. If doing something like this strikes your fancy, but you're unsure about how to accomplish it technically, ask here and we'll all try to help.

         If we're all agreed to study Christianity As a Mystical Fact and the Mysteries of Antiquity together, then between now and Christmas Eve (usually considered the first night of Christmas), I'll post some preparatory things here. The book is about 13 chapters, some long, some short. So we'll take one chapter each day. If you wish to read it before hand, once again it can be found online at the Rudolf Steiner electronic library here:
      Christianity As Mystical Fact and the Mysteries of Antiquity

         All of you who wish to participate might like to look it over and see if there's any chapter that particularly appeals to you. what I suppose would be ideal is if we had about a dozen people, and each one would take one chapter and present it to the group. You do a summary of the chapter and what you get out of it, which then serves as a jumping off point for discussion by the group.

         And you will probably be reading this post on Tuesday Dec. 17th, which, if you read the Calendar of the Soul mailing this week, you might have noticed is the old Feast Day of -- -- --Lazarus. His Feast Day was placed near Christmas time, the time when The One came who is raising all earthly existence up again.

      Dr. Starman
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