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1277Re: re:to experience thinking

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  • Lutz Baar
    Oct 23, 2002
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      --- In steiner@y..., DRStarman2001@a... wrote:

      "I assume from the reaction that the fellow whose thinking appears
      to stand behind your thinking, although you will not say so,
      contains this obvious error."

      No need to drag in fellows standing behind....

      This discussion is about asking your second opinion on your earlier
      "*******But there's no "other experience" to seek for. Steiner's
      philosophical works were all written to argue that when we think in
      concepts it is the human spirit that is acting and that we are
      experiencing directly."

      It looks like you are keeping this point of view. Fair enough. You
      stand to what you experience yourself. It is the right thing to do.
      But from your way to put it, I get the impression you believe there
      is such a thing like "this is what Steiner wrote". I prefer to
      say "this is what I read". Words cannot grasp concepts. They can
      only make one aware of having those wordless concepts. There is no
      content of importance in the PoF which lies *in* the words, there is
      no information to argue about. It is *through* the words the
      wordless experience they point at is to be found for oneselve. That
      goes for his "non-philosophical" books as well. If one "find
      something" and "how much" is up to the reader. What is the point of
      limiting this possible experience to ones own level, Dr Starman?
      What makes it an "obvious error"??

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