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1276Re: [steiner] re:to experience thinking

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Oct 23, 2002
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      info@... writes:
      Why do you keep calling Steiner's addendum to the PoF "footnotes"? It is not
      like you to correct Steiner's own terms with subjective interpretations of your own.

      *******That's no onterpretation but a proper academic term. They are basically footnotes, little additions Steiner added when the PoF was reissued in 1918. They are brief comments that do not add substantially to the gist of the book, that were added over twenty years after it was first published, as Steiner reflected on how he would put certain things in that day for contemporary audiences. I could also justifiably term them 'glosses' or just 'additions'. But I'm making the point by the use of that word that nothing integral to the book could possibly be in them, since the book was a whole for 20 years without them. Therefore anyone claiming to find anything essential to the entire book in them cannot be right, since the book as it was originally published did not have these side comments or reflections. I assume from the reaction that the fellow whose thinking appears to stand behind your thinking, although you will not say so, contains this obvious error.

      Dr. Starman

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