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1262Re: to experience thinking

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  • Lutz Baar
    Oct 17, 2002
      Hi Dr Starman! You wrote:

      "When we think in concepts -- for instance mathematical,
      geometrical concepts -- and observe ourselves thinking, that IS the
      human spirit we're experiencing."

      This kind of observation is only possible *after* a thinking process
      is completed, according to chapter 3, PoF, meaning I am observing
      former experiences. What Carol and I am talking about is the
      *direct* experience, meaning having live in thinking, as requiered
      in chapter 9.

      Exercises with "the exeptional state" as suggested in ch.3 can bring
      the insight of the validity of thinking. No problem. But then one
      has to awake to the different usage of the term "observation" in the
      second part of the PoF. Here it is no longer a question of standing
      over against but to experience (erleben) directly. Surely this kind
      of experience is something else - living thinking. At least, this is
      what Steiner promises in the extention of chapter 8.



      > The spirit knows itself through and through. That was the whole
      point of
      > Steiner's early philosophical works. There were not many who could
      > what he was trying to point to in his time, and there aren't many
      now, but
      > it's not because the human being is unable to, as Kant declared,
      but simply
      > because we do not realize or do not believe in the validity of
      what we're
      > already experiencing, we mischaracterize it. All the theories that
      say we
      > think with the brain are that.
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