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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Oct 16, 2002
      info@... writes:
      Hi Dr Starman!
      You asked for new issues to discuss here. Instead of a new one, I
      suggest an old one I found on this list. Discussing chapter 9 of the
      Philosophy of Freedom, Carol asked about how to experience the
      experience of thinking. To me your answer does not deal with Carol's
      (and my) question, since Steiner at this stage of the PoF does not
      mean mere experience but "having live in thinking" - quite a higher
      experience than you refer to.
      Beside, could you point me to the quote in "Theosophy" wich supports
      your view of "no other experience to seek for"?

      *******Well that was ten months ago, but OK, we can take it up again!  But then we were in the middle of working with the Philosophie der Freiheit, so we'd have to get back into it again. Discussing a single point of it separated from the book as a whole is not the same thing.
          As far as the reference I made to the first chapter of Theosophy, it was to the 'meadow' example and the elaboration of it, within which Steiner makes the point that we THINK with the human SPIRIT...  not when we think in this way or that way, but ANY real thinking, in concepts. When we think in concepts -- -- -- for instance mathematical, geometrical concepts -- -- -- and observe ourselves thinking, that IS the human spirit we're experiencing. The spirit knows itself through and through. That was the whole point of Steiner's early philosophical works. There were not many who could experience what he was trying to point to in his time, and there aren't many now, but it's not because the human being is unable to, as Kant declared, but simply because we do not realize or do not believe in the validity of what we're already experiencing, we mischaracterize it. All the theories that say we think with the brain are that.

          Remember always the fundamental beginning of Knowledge of the Higher Worlds: in our ordinary world of thinking and feeling there slumber great powers, that we have but do not recognize.  The task is to awaken them. The philosophical path in the Philosophie der Freiheit is specifically concerned with waking up to what we actually do when we think. When we do this, we are actually living in thinking.

      Earlier discussion:
      "In fact, I don't think I can honestly say I've experienced my
      thinking directly in this way, yet the thoughts, as Steiner
      expresses them, I have taken in and they feel very strong to
      me. Strong, but meaningless if I don't let go of them and
      jump into the experience."
      Carol >>

      *******But there's no "other experience" to seek for. Steiner's
      philosophical works were all written to argue that when we think in concepts it is
      the human spirit that is acting and that we are experiencing directly.
      He makes this exact same point again in the first chapter of  Theosophy....

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