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1212On cognition

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  • antrolutz
    Aug 30, 2002
      Dr. Starman, you wrote:

      >>> We think in pure ideas with the eternal human spirit, while with
      the body we perceive the changing transitory appearances of things,
      in percepts. We constantly relate our ideas to what we perceive, and
      in doing so make mental pictures or "representations" of them.<<<

      Now, here is my story:

      The Little Master asked his student to look at a certain object.
      "Tell me what it is" he said. The student told him what it was.
      "Right" the Little Master said "but how do you know?"
      The student answered " because I see it".
      The little Master smiled for himself "that's a little naïve to say –
      I will show you how it works, with a little help of an analogy from
      the world of colors. Let's call this object GREEN. In order to
      cognize it you took its percept BLUE and added its concept YELLOW to
      it – that's how you got the GREEN."

      "I did?" the student wondered "did I make the GREEN happen?"
      "In a way, yes" the Little Master replied "but of cause it was GREEN
      in the first place, but this you cannot cognize, so you have to
      blend it out of BLUE and YELLOW to picture it as GREEN."
      "Whow!" the student said "I kind of create all objects in the world,
      right? I'm Superman!"
      "Well, everybody else is doing the same" the Little Master said.
      "It feels great anyway" the student said "I mean, being active in
      this processing without doing anything special – and if I miss to do
      it, it's GREEN anyway, right Master?"

      The Little Master asked for a break, he felt like consulting the
      Great Master's book one more time.

      Any comments? Lutz
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