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  • jla
    Oct 24 8:52 AM
      I actually have an early edition from the 70's but have not read it for years. I will go back and review. What you say sounds plausible and highly possible in the spiritual work he did . Thanks. By the way, its interesting again that Steiner (at least in the English translations of the lectures and books) often spoke of adversarial forces and beings but rarely if ever mentioned personal encounters or details.


      Sena Fernando wrote:

      Dear Jeff,
           I may have given the wrong impression by suggesting that Steiner
      called for assistance from the Christ. This is something I read
      in "Scientist of the Invisible" by A.E.Shepherd. I may be getting the
      details wrong as I don't have the book with me at the moment. What I
      recollect is that Steiner was putting tremendous efforts into
      exploring the spiritual world, and was consequently being subjected
      to vicious attacks by evil spirits. It is said that at one point he
      was near to a psychotic breakdown. Then (the year was probably 1898
      or thereabouts), he had a vision of the Event of Golgotha. It was
      more than a vision, he was actually there. It was after that that he
      began to teach about the Christ. I am sure you are familiar with all
      this, and I hope you will be able to point out any misconceptions I
      may be laboring under.
            The book may not be that easy to get hold of - You could try
      this link:
      --- In steiner@egroups.com, jla <pacbay@h...> wrote:
      > Well, I learn something every day, as usual. I was not aware of
      > Steiner's call for assistance (reference, please) from the Christ. I
      > always wondered how he and the few others of this orientation could
      > withstand the fearsome and loathsome
      > encounters that must be dealt with in various stages of
      > Christian/Rosicrucian initiation.
      > Just reading Dante's Inferno gives inner feeling of it and that was
      > enough during college for my young mind.
      > I have read Robert at times but not this piece. I will go to it.
      > Thanks,
      > Jeff

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