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  • jla
    Oct 22, 2000
      Well, I learn something every day, as usual. I was not aware of Steiner's call for assistance (reference, please) from the Christ. I always wondered how he and the few others of this orientation could withstand the fearsome and loathsome
      encounters that must be dealt with in various stages of Christian/Rosicrucian initiation.
      Just reading Dante's Inferno gives inner feeling of it and that was enough during college for my young mind.

      I have read Robert at times but not this piece. I will go to it.



      Sena Fernando wrote:

              I do take your point. Your comment highlights the problems we
      encounter when we use material images to represent a spiritual being.
      It may be that we need to use more than one image to illustrate the
      different aspects of a Being. Is not Christ himself sometimes
      represented by a fish?
               It seems to me that the image of the whale coming up from the
      depths of the sea is a useful one to remind us of the "monsters" in
      our unconscious mind. I am sure you are aware that Steiner turned to
      Christ when he encountered such horrifying entities in the spiritual
      world. It would not be surprising if Lucifer presented himself as a
      human of dazzling beauty in order to deceive people.
               Have you come across this essay by Robert S. Mason?
               Quoting from it, Chapter 7, "Good and Evil": "Michael casts
      the Dragon out of heaven; immediately afterwards arise the
      two 'beasts' - the first from the sea (Lucifer) and the second from
      the land (Ahriman)." This is the imagery  ofthe Apocalypse.
      --- In steiner@egroups.com, jla <pacbay@h...> wrote:
      > Though I can intuitively sense the really of the Ahrimanic image
      > (behemoth) and the lamb as Christ, I find it hard to attribute the
      > whale to Lucifer. Though it is a  deep ocean (Astral) creature,
      > is usually depicted as glorified human of dazzling and deceptive
      > tempting us to extend up and escape from the earth and return to
      > "perfection" even though we are not even near that goal. This sense
      > levity and supernatural spirituality runs counter to the whale
      > Jeff

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