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1068Re: Unique Place of Christ

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  • antrolutz
    Jul 19, 2002
      Thanks, Dr Starman!

      Any ideas about wether/how the Aristotelian / Platonic streams fit
      into that?

      Do you have a view of how the Platonic "return" works out nowadays
      and the cooperation Steiner hoped for?

      I am ready for a looong answer, if it suits you.

      Greetings, Lutz

      Dr.Starman, earlier:
      > *******It was indeed in the Karma lectures he gave at the end of
      his life, on
      > the karma of those of us who would be attracted to the
      > Sopciety, in fact. But what he said was that there would be three
      > one, a group who were attracted to the cosmology (astrology, etc.)
      due to a
      > strong influence from their incarnations in pre-Christian pagan
      > schools; then a second group who had no such, but did have a
      > heart-understanding of the Christ from their incarnations in the
      > Christian era; and a third group who would be sort of moving from
      one stream
      > to the other. One can see this in those who take up the Christian
      > but have a hard time with "Ancient Saturn", "Fire Spirits" and
      what not, and
      > others who can wax eloquently about occult cosmology but don't
      relate to
      > "Jesus stuff" too well. For an example of the third, look at John
      > who published all the Myrin Institute "Proceedings" but towards
      the end of
      > his life joined a born-again Christian group and saw how their
      > heart-relation to Christ had such valid results for them, and
      wrote a little
      > book, "Two Paths To The Spirit: Charismatic Christianity and
      > Dr. Starman
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