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49194Re: SW thread: XL2F Bridge Grommets Pulling Up

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  • Dave Rowe
    Jun 16, 2017
      Bridge grommets? Do you mean the threaded inserts to which the bridge is bolted? If so, yes, super glue or something similar will work. They were originally set in epoxy, which would be the best way to reseat them. Regardless of which way you do it, you need to remove the inserts and dig the old epoxy out (you can use a drill bit of exactly the right size for the hole and just work it/clean it out by hand (as in not connected to a drill, twist the bit with your fingers), and then you probably should swab the hole out with a little acetone (nail polish remover) on a q-tip before introducing a new adhesive and resetting the inserts.

      You will probably find the old epoxy is a bit gelatinous, which would mean that the epoxy was probably put in there on a humid day, which can lead to a failure of the epoxy. If that's the case, you probably should be looking into reseating the insert for the strap pivot as well at the first sign that it's also pulling out (voice of experience speaking here). 

      To get the inserts out, you will need a longish bolt with the exact thread of the insert and a stack of washers with a hole larger than the insert but smaller than the bolt head that will contact the head of the bolt when it's barely threaded into the insert. As you torque the bolt, the brass insert will be pulled free of the hole and up into the washer stack.  

      When reseating the inserts, place painter's tape over the holes, cut out the holes with an exacto knife. Thread a bolt all the way into the insert, apply your glue or epoxy lightly to the hole and the insert, and then press the insert into the hole until it is flush or slightly below the surface (all the way in). You might have to tap it into place, which is why the bolt comes in handy, just tap it with a small hammer. Once it's in, back the bolt out, and after all the inserts are set, peel off the painter's tape so no glue residue is left behind on the instrument. 

      Good luck!


      On Thu, Jun 15, 2017 at 10:42 PM, fretless2005@... [steinberger_world] <steinberger_world@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Hi All, 

      The bridge grommets on my XL2 fretless bass have started pulling out. Should I use Super Glue, Gorilla Glue, or something else when reseating them? Any advice is appreciated.