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Re: SW thread: Looking for a Trans Trem

Just sent you an email Regards Paul On 13 Oct 2017, at 19:11, dickmotorman@... [steinberger_world]
paul rowcroft
Oct 13

Re: SW thread: Looking for a Trans Trem

Yeah, two grand? I don't think so. I knew it would be expensive, but that's a bit ridiculous.
Oct 13

Re: SW thread: Looking for a Trans Trem

Last I checked, Roman's had a couple available... About $2000... Vaseline not included LoL. Otherwise, getting lucky on Craigslist or eBay is your best shot.
Sean B.
Oct 13

Looking for a Trans Trem

Hey guy's I've been a 'Berger fan since I was kid. The design and engineering of Ned's guitars always inspired me and I'm finally in a place where I can afford
Oct 13

Re: TT3 replacement arms for the Steinberger ZT3

TransTrem 3 replacement tremolo arms for the Steinberger ZT3 are available now. Price is 36 Euro plus shipping. For ordering please use the E-Mail link on my
Oct 11

Re: Synapse piezo

In theory this part exists. It's called "Guitar Trans Piezo - Piezo Assy w/ wiring", order number SPZ-100. You should nag your local authorized Gibson/Epiphone
Oct 10

Synapse piezo

Oye, Steinbergers! So I've got a Synapse Transcale with a cracked Piezoelectric pickup. I've spent all year scouring all the eBays, Amazons, Mosers, for parts,
Oct 9

Re: R Trems

I have seen those (Reedox?) guitars, so I know exactly what you are talking about. Those R-trem saddles definitely look like true Steinberger and not Hohner. I
Oct 1

TT3 replacement arms for the Steinberger ZT3

For those of you owning a ZT3 who are not a member of the Steinber FB group: I've heard more than one question about a source for ZT3/TT3 tremolo arms in the
Sep 17

Re: TT2 issues

I would like to clarify from my previous post about the calibrated strings. If you continue to experience this same transposing issue on the same 2 strings
Sep 16

Re: TT2 issues - UPDATE

First of all, thanks to everyone for their observations/input/suggestions – this is a Big Part of what makes this Group such a valuable place. 1) I’ve
Bruce Coffman, LEED AP
Sep 16

Re: TT2 issues

I would suggest: 1)trying out a few more packs of calibrated Steinbeger strings. Does the same thing happen on the same two strings with every pack you try?
Sep 16

(no subject)

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Andrew Young
Sep 13
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Re: TT2 - transpose arm clearance

I'm pretty sure you're missing this on the jaw screw: https://www.mcmaster.com/#98408A116 https://www.mcmaster.com/#98408A116 If so, buy the pack and sell the
Sep 13

Re: TT2 - transpose arm clearance

My thought exactly, Bernd - something sounds amiss with the E jaw. In addition (and unlike the other 5) at times I can turn the upright screw and very little
Bruce Coffman, LEED AP
Sep 12
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