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Re: Anyone for some STCCG?

Where are you living right now, Matt? I'm on South Huntington in JP, so Centre Street is about a 10 minute bus ride away from me. -Chris
Chris O'Connell
Jun 17, 2010

Re: Anyone for some STCCG?

What a throw back! I can't believe this list still exists. I haven't played since 1st edition. It would be fun to play again. There's a new shop called JP
Matthew Andrews
Jun 17, 2010

Re: Anyone for some STCCG?

I think the most west we could go is Worcester, MA. I'm limited by the commuter rail (no car), and a lot of our people are in the area. Also, That's
Chris O'Connell
Jun 16, 2010

Re: Anyone for some STCCG?

I'm in Saratoga Ny but would be interested if there was a half way point. - Aaron Northrup ... From: Chris O'Connell To: stccg
Jun 16, 2010

Anyone for some STCCG?

I totally forgot we had this. Hey, we're looking to get the Southern New England (Worcester/Boston focused) Star Trek CCG group revitalized. In case you
Chris O'Connell
Jun 16, 2010

New Member-looking for trades

Hi all, Currently, I am not a player, just a collector. I have many extra rare cards but still need many others, from all sets. Is there anyone still on here
Feb 15, 2009

Trek Tournament 06/17/06 - short notice!

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know there'll be a Trek tournament NEXT SATURDAY (one week from now). I'm sorry it's so soon with little notice, but this will
Lucas Thompson
Jun 10, 2006

June's Tournament

So um, when exactly is this?
Chris O'Connell
Jun 4, 2006

Re: Worcester Tournament - 1 week!

Seppukued! Honor restored? -Lucas
Lucas Thompson
May 14, 2006

Re: Worcester Tournament - 1 week!

Actually Lucas, technically it's THIS saturday, since there are no more upcoming saturdays before it.
Chris O'Connell
May 14, 2006

Worcester Tournament - 1 week!

Just your friendly reminder that the next Massachusetts tournament is next Saturday! Players are encouraged to try out a deck or affiliation they haven't used
Lucas Thompson
May 14, 2006

Re: 05/20/06 Trek Tournament Reminder

Dan and I were thinking it over, and I'd like to toss the idea out that we all bring new, untested decks to play. It'll be a nice change up from the old "I'll
Chris O'Connell
May 8, 2006

05/20/06 Trek Tournament Reminder

Just sending everyone a reminder that the next Worcester Trek tournament will be three weeks from tomorrow on Saturday, May 20th at 11:30. It's at That's
Lucas Thompson
Apr 28, 2006


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Apr 20, 2006

Next Trek Tournament Date and Pictures From Last Time.

First business: The next regular tournament is Saturday, May 20th at 11:30 at That's Entertainment in Worcester. Second business: In lieu of a regular
Lucas Thompson
Apr 12, 2006
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