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Fw: A possibly Large Demo

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  • Cass Strong
    Got this today... Cass ... From: Jonathan Thorn To: ; ;
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2007
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      Got this today...


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      From: "Jonathan Thorn" <courtbardkenneth@...>
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      Sent: Monday, April 02, 2007 12:54 PM
      Subject: A possibly Large Demo

      > Greetings Friends of Shattered Crystal,
      > This is Kenneth Ulric Amhranai tan Briongloid, the
      > Barony's Chatelain. I received this email from Ms.
      > Smith about their group and in what they were
      > interested. I am currently in talks with her to find
      > out more specifically what they want or are expecting.
      > However, her and her organization really seem very
      > exited by the various activities the SCA could demo
      > and they are willing to allow us use of grounds,
      > booths, stage, etc. and are willing to have their
      > members assist us.
      > Given that this is a cultural organization (and
      > that it is in a far distant area of "our lands" that
      > we hold for the Kingdom), we figured this could be a
      > prime event to show off the great amount of fun and
      > education the SCA could be and how far reaching our
      > group is. To that end, we'd like to open this up and
      > invite any of your membership that would be interested
      > to come down and participate. Please, let me know if
      > you're interested, and I'll keep all posted as updates
      > of what is exactly going on occurs.
      > Thanks so much. Below is the email I received.
      > Kenneth Ulric Amhranai tan Briongloid,
      > The Shard Bard, Chatelain-BoSC,
      > Ahrbaird-Triamhran Baird Colaiste
      >> CC: mgluck0223@...
      >> Subject: Informational quest
      >> From: John Metcalf <metcalfj@...>
      >> Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 23:02:30 -0500
      >> I am Sharon Smith, part-time choral director for
      >> Centralia Cultural
      >> Society's chorus. We are working on a fund raising
      >> event for late
      >> August (24th and/or 25th) this year to be held at
      >> our grounds and
      >> building. We don't recall ever having any public
      >> event featuring
      >> your group, or anything close to it beyond Christmas
      >> madrigals in
      >> Centralia.
      >> Our committee got very excited envisioning a
      >> mini-Festival including
      >> as much as we could get of SCA's in our area. You
      >> are my first
      >> contact to find if this is do-able on such
      >> relatively short notice,
      >> and if your society can/will be part of a
      >> fund-raiser for our not-for-
      >> profit organization?
      >> We have an auditorium complete with
      >> lights/sound/stage/seating that
      >> could be utilized regardless of the outside
      >> temp/weather. There are
      >> grassy areas surrounding the parking (gravel) and
      >> building that could
      >> handle booths/vendors/small "acts" or other
      >> entertainments and
      >> activities -- it does not have to include any
      >> singing, but that would
      >> be welcomed. Our chorus members will be able to
      >> volunteer person-
      >> power, and, with access to the theater division's
      >> wardrobe, we can
      >> sort-of dress in period costumes ourselves. All of
      >> Foundation Park
      >> is around our site for possible cart rides or
      >> knight-rides...if such
      >> things are available. We could accommodate day and
      >> evening events,
      >> and have a license that allows alcohol at our event
      >> (at least in our
      >> building). There are dressing rooms with bathrooms
      >> in the building,
      >> and we can set up for serving a banquet, having a
      >> ball, or I suppose
      >> Court, or whatever.
      >> Having only participated in Civil War reenactments,
      >> I am unfamiliar
      >> with what all you can actually gather together, and
      >> at what expense,
      >> etc.
      >> If you could, please either e-mail me:
      >> s49ls@... (that is S 4 9
      >> L S, not S 4 9 1 S), or phone me at 242-4446. I
      >> live in Mt. Vernon
      >> and am available by phone most days from 10 am to 10
      >> pm. Thank you
      >> for your time, and I do hope that you can guide our
      >> committee in our
      >> dream of a unique family event for our community and
      >> surrounding area.
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