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Strikkenwoode Sunday Fighter Practice

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  • kcengland04
    Greetings to our friends in St. Carol- Some of you may have already seen this, but I hadn t seen it posted yet. If anyone s not going away for the holiday
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      Greetings to our friends in St. Carol-

      Some of you may have already seen this, but I hadn't seen it posted
      yet. If anyone's not going away for the holiday weekend, here's an
      alternative. :)


      Fight Practice
      Sunday September 3rd
      Greetings gentles;
      I am Sgt Istvan Toth and am new to the Shire of Strikkenwoode....I am
      a veteran of the SCA however. Since I work a 2nd shift schedule I
      cannot attend your usual practice.
      I will start a second practice at Deming Park (in Terre Haute) on
      Sunday afternoon.
      This should give us more time to fight and help us develop better
      skills. I am a fully warranted Marshal in heavy fighting but I have
      just started rapier so if you want to fence we will need a rapier
      marshal present. I will also send details to other groups so we can
      get some fresh faces to challenge.
      I want to add a little structure so here is how I hope things shake
      out. Of course sometimes you just want to FIGHT so this is not a
      schedule, just an outline to give us some focus.
      1:00pm...pick-ups and warm ups. Also a good time to get new fighters
      2:00pm...or so; we can do some actual training. I have a few things
      to teach and I know others in the Shire do as well. Anything fighter
      related, basics, a new move, even some of the mental game. I fit
      works for you then share it.
      3:00pm...tourney time. I think it is fun to end the practice with a
      simple tournament. Training is done and now it is time to fight. Of
      course this is not an official tournament but it will help switch us
      from `practice mode' to `fight mode'.

      I plan on wrapping things up by 4:00pm but as long as there is
      daylight and people to fight with I will stay and play.
      Also...this is not just for fighters. I will focus on Heavy fighting
      most from 1:00 to 4:00 and hope that the other fighters will to but
      it should be a fun afternoon at the park for everyone...a great time
      to visit and also to bring new members to as well.
      I hope to see you there
      Sgt Istvan Toth
      m.k.a. Douglas E. Toth
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