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FW: do you have a blanket to spare?

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  • J M Hughes
    I received this message today from my good friend Duchess Myfanawy, up in Caer Anterth (Milwaukee). Jeri J M Hughes Charleston, IL 61920 From: Julia Kathan
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 20, 2005
      I received this message today from my good friend Duchess Myfanawy, up in
      Caer Anterth (Milwaukee).

      J M Hughes
      Charleston, IL 61920

      From: Julia Kathan [mailto:fancy2u@...]
      Sent: Monday, December 19, 2005 8:21 PM
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      Subject: do you have a blanket to spare?

      I received this letter in my weekly mailing from Lion Brand Yarn last week.
      I read it and put it in the back of my mind, thinking yeah, I should send a
      blanket or two but I'm busy, maybe later. And then, tonight I got a phone
      call from a man who lives in Gulfport, Mississippi. Our local medieval
      history group just mailed a large collection of filled Christmas stockings
      to the children in Gulfport and he called to say thanks, the first of many
      boxes had arrived today. He lives 1 1/2 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and is
      one of the few lucky people in his neighborhood, he has his house and his
      job and is spending his spare time helping the people around him. When I
      mentioned the letter, "Blankets for Biloxi" and asked how cold it was right
      now he answered "35 degrees, it may be pretty much like that for the next
      month or two". He said that there are many tent cities right now but that
      people are indeed short of blankets. He said that Randy May runs a small
      convenience store very near the Gulf of Mexico.
      I am going to check out the blanket supply at my local Salvation Army/Purple
      Heart/Wal-Mart store, I figure I can wash the used things two or three times
      to get them really clean and then mail them off to Biloxi. Or I can buy new
      blankets but my money won't go so far that way....At the speed I knit it
      would be next summer before I can send something hand made.
      If you can help-please send a blanket or two. Even better send a blanket or
      two and send this letter on to some friends of yours-lets get these poor
      people warmed up a little bit!

      Blankets for Biloxi

      Today, in the middle of December, tens of thousands of people are huddling
      in tent cities or trailers or cars in the Gulf Coast of this country. In
      Mississippi on August 29th, 65,000 buildings were destroyed and 65,000 were
      damaged; in one of the counties every single car was destroyed. During the
      summer, the residents of this area were working and taking care of their
      families and today most of them are cold and broke.

      The people of Mississippi are a proud people. For the last 3 years in a row,
      although they have the lowest per capita income in the country, they have
      donated the highest percent of their income to charitable giving and they
      don't ask for handouts easily.

      We were told about this by Steve Richer, Executive director of Mississippi's
      Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau. He has transformed the nature of
      his work over the last 3½ months and has been totally immersed in getting
      help for the people of his state. Steve called because he heard that Lion
      Brand was looking for a location where our readers could send donations to
      help keep those who lost their homes in Hurricane Katrina warm in this cold
      weather. As we spoke he was driving in his car through police barricades
      near the beach. "It is hard to imagine the devastation down here. This is
      the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States. All we can
      do is keep people warm and healthy and get them back to work. A few nights
      ago, we had a terrible rain and the temperature was 30 degrees. Imagine you
      are a mother with two children, living in a tent under these conditions. It
      is mind-blowing. People are not getting the help that they need fr om the
      government. They are getting vital assistance from faith based organizations
      and private individuals."

      A recent editorial in the local paper, the Sun Herald has these words from
      the people of Mississippi:
      We are here. Do not forsake us.

      We are no footnote.

      And one more thing...

      Thank you. To every out-of-state volunteer, to every friend and family
      member who has sent supplies or prayers, we sincerely thank you.

      And we ask that you do one more thing: Call your senators and your
      congressional representative and ask them to support additional aid for
      South Mississippi's recovery.

      Lion Brand is asking our loving knitters and crocheters to help. Blankets
      are desperately needed. Prayer shawls and any other means of helping keep
      people warm are welcome. You can use our printable prayer shawl cards
      <http://www.lionbrand.com/t/A0KUq5nW+fRwvVqgb7TZRw> or Lion Brand Art cards
      <http://www.lionbrand.com/t/u35PITDyG25VwetdOOF9kQ> to attach a personal
      note to the items you send. A hand-made donation will mean a lot! If you
      send blankets, please send those that are warm and clean. For the next 2
      months warmth is crucial. If you don't have a gift to send now, it will be
      welcomed when you have finished it, especially in January. Here is the
      address to ship to:
      The Fox Den
      c/o Mr. Randy May
      2nd Street @ Menge Ave.
      Pass Christian, MS 39571

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