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Re: [stcarol] REMINDER St. Carol Meeting on Sunday

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  • Cass Strong
    Just a reminder...
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2005
      Just a reminder...

      > Greetings all! This Sunday, April 3rd (TODAY!) , will be our next meeting
      > for the shire of St. Carol on the Moor. It will be from 5pm - 7pm at the
      > home of Kathleen White-Hay & Bill Hay, 1817 Madison St, Charleston, IL
      > (see directions below)
      > And what's in it for me, you ask? Well, the weather is getting warmer and
      > it's time to start talking about outdoor activities. That's right,
      > fighting! Fighting for adults, boffer combat for the kids. And archery!
      > And with spring comes more events in our area...there are a couple in our
      > area in April to talk about, as well as the Renn Faire down at Cumberland
      > High that some of us are going to help out with. And of course, if you're
      > going to an event, that's a good time to make new garb, or new armor, or
      > take up a new hobby. There are some FUN ideas in the works to talk about,
      > and everyone is welcome to show up & discuss fun things they want to do or
      > learn or make over the next couple of months.
      > Directions: Take your best route to Rt. 16 (Lincoln Ave) in Charleston.
      > Head east on Lincoln/Rt. 16 (if you are at EIU you will turn right onto
      > Lincoln...if you are coming from Mattoon/I-57 you will keep heading east
      > on Rt. 16/Lincoln.) At 18th St. stoplight you will turn left onto 18th
      > St. (this is on the far eastern edge of town...next to high school...if
      > you go past Wal-Mart you have gone too far!)
      > Continue on down 18th St (Rt 130) until you reach Madison Ave (a mile or
      > more) Turn RIGHT onto Madison. The Hay home is on the left hand side &
      > sits back quite a bit from the road. There are wooden gateposts with the
      > address # on them at the edge of the street & they are wrapped with faded
      > yellow ribbon. It is a large, 3 story white Victorian home.
      > Not sure how many houses you pass before you reach the Hay home...not
      > many...maybe Kathy can enlighten us in a future email.
      > If you get lost or confused please call my cell at 549-6523. If you have
      > any questions about the meeting or the SCA in general please email me at
      > tstrong@.... Hope to see you all there!
      > Cass
      > Lady Castellana de Salas
      > Your Dutiful Seneschal
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