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Masque of Courtly Love event info

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  • kendrick_the_tinker
    Alderford Presents the Masque of Courtly Love XVI: Coming of Age February 18, 2012 Grace United Methodist Church 1720 Schneider St NW North Canton, OH 44720
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      Alderford Presents


      Masque of Courtly Love XVI: Coming of Age

      February 18, 2012

      Grace United Methodist Church

      1720 Schneider St NW

      North Canton, OH 44720

      Come join Alderford for a reprieve from the harsh winds of winter and cabin fever as we celebrate our Sweet 16th Masque of Courtly Love. A day of fun, frolicking, fighting and games will be followed by a Splendid Feast and a Masked Ball.

      Site opens at 9am – Site closes at 9 pm

      Site is handicap accessible. Site is bone dry.

      Event Schedule

      9:00 Site opens for populace

      9-10 Fighting inspections

      9-4 Classes

      10-4 Fighting Tourneys

      11:30 - 2 Lunch

      5:00-6:00 Court

      6:00 Feast

      7:30-9 Dancing

      9:00 Populace departs

      Armored Combat Tournament

      The tournament will be a timed bear pit. The losers will get one point winners will get 3 and be allowed to stay for 3 fights. The fighter with the most points at the end will be the winner.

      Rapier Tournament

      Morning Tournament:
      Modified Bear Pit
      Each player will be given 5 tokens.
      Cost to be the bear of a bearless list: 4 tokens into the pot
      Challenger pays 1 token into the pot
      Bear determines the fighting style
      Bear and Challenger fight one pass.
      Bear can then elect to split the pot (round up) with challenger (round down)
      OR can finish the best of 3 whereby the winner becomes the next bear at no cost, but the pot stays put.
      The Challenger that splits the pot with the Bear will be given first option to become the new bear; else next in line can become the new bear if able to pay.

      Afternoon Tournament:
      The Not-Your-Usual-Dice-Tournament Dice Tournament.
      In every dice tournament I've seen the results of the dice determine things about the fight. Not this one. Results of the FIGHTS determine things about the DICE.
      Everyone can challenge up to 10 opponents, please do not duplicate opponents.
      The more you fight the better your chances.


      Soap 101

      Kumihimo (Japanese cord making)

      History of the Harp- (lecture and "Harp Tasting" - an opportunity to actually play)

      Turkish Coffee (a history followed by a demo)

      Preparing for Performance (How getting ready to perform is as important as the performance)

      Teaching Basic SCA Dances (The oldies, but goodies)

      Mask Making for Children

      Mask Making for Adults

      Coming of Age in the Middle Ages ("Sweet 16 Parties" during the Middle Ages)

      More classes will be added please check back.

      Dance and Ball

      Music will be played by real live musicians!! There will be a "Grand Promenade" at the beginning of the Masque of Courtly Love Ball where all the masks brought for the event or made that day can be displayed. The dances will be the oldies, but goodies. If you aren't sure of the steps, there will be a class earlier in the day when the dances will be taught.

      Carolingian Pavane (Belle Pavane) (The Known World Pavane)

      Official Bransle (Toss the Duchess) (Toss a Wench) (Bransle de l'Official)

      Horse's Bransle (Bransle des Chevaulx)

      Maltese Bransle (Bransle de Malte)

      Montarde Bransle (Bransle de la Montarde)

      Sellinger's Round

      Black Nag

      Rufty Tufty

      Hole in the Wall

      Female Sailor

      Strip the Willow

      Bardic Activites

      Once again this year, the Masque of Courtly Love will feature the Minstrels' Gallery. In an intimate venue, a variety of performing artists from the region will entertain throughout the afternoon. It's a wonderful place to sit and relax for a few minutes or a few hours.

      The show will also include the event challenge from our Kingdom bards, Lady Juliane and Lord Llywelyn. The challenge is open to all; details follow the schedule.

      The Minstrels' Gallery performances will run continuously from 11:30 a.m. until roughly 4:30 p.m. Please join us!

      Minstrels' Gallery Order of Play

      OPENING: Lord Donalbane of Blakmers, Brendoken Bardic Champion
      Lady Kateryn Draper
      North Oaken Recorder Ensemble


      Lady Ursula the Widow
      Harp Strings [milord Dennis, Lady Ceit and friends]
      Lady Brihid Seanchain
      THL Brendan O'Corraighe

      CLOSING ACT: Kingdom Bardic Co-Champions Lady Juliane Beauchamp and Lord Llywelyn Glyndwr

      Interval music: Lady Matilda Harper

      The Challenge:
      In its sixteenth year, Masque comes to maturity (in the Middle Ages, many young women were already mothers by this age). In this spirit, the Kingdom Bardic Champions present to the populace this challenge: Bring us a song, tale, tune (or any other entertainment) on the glories or grief of growing up, growing wiser, or growing old.


      On Table

      Bread and butter*

      Venison sausage

      Fried cheese*

      Course 1

      Bukkenade (Beef stew)



      Course 2

      Cormarye (pork loin)


      Roasted Carrots*

      Course 3

      Capon with Orenges and Lemmons

      Spinach Tart*

      Armored Turnips*


      Pear Tart*

      Strawberries in Snow*

      * Vegetarian dishes

      The Feast Steward reserves the right to change dishes and make substitutions based on availability of items to be used and costs involved. Ingredients list will be forthcoming, please check back.


      Is being provided by the Tavern of the Dead Pirate. Their menu will include chili, baked potato bar, salad bar and Sicilian pasties.

      Event Staff

      Event Stewards: Francesca de Onorati (Norma Storms) (snostorm55@...)

      Einar Blakklar (Darby Greene) (EinarBlakklar@...)

      Feast Steward: Genovefa da Terranova (Holly Taylor) (hollolly@...)

      Armored Combat Marshal: Mihajlo od Nerche

      Rapier Combat Marshal: Edward of Thorn

      Class Coordinator: Catriona nic Hugh Mcleay (Catriona@...)

      Merchant Coordinator: Maerwynn de Warwick (maerwynndewarwick@...)

      Bardic Activities: Ursula the Widow

      Royalty Liaison: DubEssa

      Department of Public Works: Ysmay of New Ross and Dane of Alderford

      Troll: Kenneth of Alderford, Rebecca of Alderford


      From north, south, or west: Take your best route to Canton, Ohio, and proceed to I-77. Exit onto US Route 62 east (the "Alliance" exit, number 107B, from I-77). Take US 62 east to the Market Avenue Exit. **Go north on Market Avenue for about 1.5 miles to Schneider, and turn left (west). The church will be on your left after just a block or so.

      From the east: If you approach Canton via US Route 62, simply take the Market Avenue exit and (Follow from ** above).
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