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Re: [stcarol] Web stuff

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  • Jeri M Hughes
    Thank you, Kendrick! ... -- J M Hughes Charleston, IL
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 5, 2009
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      Thank you, Kendrick!

      Kendrick wrote:
      > Since I had the startling realization that someone has actually seen
      > our site I went back and gave it a look.
      > I've updated the dead email addresses that were there and added some
      > pictures of our principle people. I regretfully had to delete the
      > Strikkenwoode group from the Links as I went to the site for them and
      > it is down.
      > If there is anyone lurking on the list that we haven't seen lately say
      > "HI!" and if anyone wants to see any additions email me the
      > idea/materials.
      > YIS
      > Kendrick

      J M Hughes
      Charleston, IL
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