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Re: Welcome to new to the are SCAdians and shall we do with ourselves this fall

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  • lapalmer1969
    Demos would definitely be the way to go to getting new people. Doing some demos around the group`s area would help everyone out if we can all support one
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 31, 2008
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      Demos would definitely be the way to go to getting new people. Doing
      some demos around the group`s area would help everyone out if we can
      all support one another with our local areas. Having more people in
      my local area would help out around here.

      --- In stcarol@yahoogroups.com, "Kendrick" <jervamp@...> wrote:
      > Greetings,
      > I thought I would throw my welcome on the pile for the newcomers to
      > the list! We live in Effingham so we aren't too far up the road
      > you guys. There is another SCAdian family we are friends with in
      > Olney, too. They haven't been able to play for a little while,
      > though. We'll have to get you guys all in touch.
      > There has been discussion of us trying to hold a demo sometime in
      > near future. At the moment discussion has been slow because we've
      > been short enough on people it would be hard to put together a good
      > Maybe with more people in the area we can get some things rolling.
      > Cheers and well met,
      > Kendrick
    • desiree wright
      Michelle Jenkins (aka Sorcha or Lunachic). She s in Greenville. Not originally from there and took a break with her 2 kids. lapalmer1969
      Message 2 of 8 , Sep 1, 2008
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        Michelle Jenkins (aka Sorcha or Lunachic). She's in Greenville. Not originally from there and took a break with her 2 kids.

        lapalmer1969 <lapalmer1969@...> wrote: Good to meet you, we should all get together here soon and see what
        we can come up with. I originally started the SCA in NC, who is the
        person you know in NC, maybe we know them too.

        --- In stcarol@yahoogroups.com, desiree wright <dnw826@...> wrote:
        > Hello! I don't know if I introduced myself when I joined recently,
        I have been very busy moving! I also live in Olney, but I'm from
        Charleston originally. I love making costumes and I love history. I
        have a friend back in NC where we lived that was big into SCA and I
        have wanted to join for awhile. I am a newbie, though, so be
        gentle. ;)
        > lapalmer1969 <lapalmer1969@...> wrote:
        Hi, thanks for the quick welcome. Here is a little about us:
        > I am known in the SCA as Lord Luther Josephus and my Lady is
        > Storm. We were very active in the Kingdom of Atlantia, both being
        > officers in our Barony, She was the Seneschal and I was Knights
        > Marshal. I am a Squire to Duke Logan Ebonwoulfe and have been
        > in the SCA for about 7 years now, all of that time heavy fighting.
        > Ravenna has been in the SCA avout 5. I enjoy cooking, painting,
        > woodworking and armor making. She paints and enjoys watching heavy
        > fighting.
        > We moved to Illinois back in April of this year and have looked
        > an active group to get involved in. Your Shire is the closest but
        > was unsure if it was still active or not. We would very much like
        > work to get our zip code here in Olney added to the Shire so we
        > become part of the group.
        > As far as free time goes, our weekends are free most of the time.
        > make cakes and am a mechanic for a living. Ravenna is home during
        > days watching our 2 children and babysitting another child.
        > As to some ideas for group productivity, we had been thinking
        > hosting a meet and greet here in our town at the fairgrounds to
        > generate some interest here. There is a local group of guys
        > themselves Amtguard, they play with boffer weapons but have a
        > medieval interest. The access to the fairgrounds is free to use
        > unless I book the banquet room which is $35 to use.
        > Our idea was to cook some food, host a fighter practice/A&S day in
        > the park, sort of a demo atmosphere and have some fliers and
        > infor available.
        > This was an idea we had been putting together before we found your
        > yahoo group and would very much want to include any local group
        > we may be able to become part of. I do not see a huge cost to this
        > and am not soliciting money from your Shire, but if you want some
        > exposure and are wanting to have a meeting to discuss plans for
        > group it would certainly be a venue to do that at.
        > I have seen many things work and fail in the SCA in regards to
        > to get the SCA exposure and bring in new members, I`d be willing
        > give whatever time and assisatnce I can to helping out as would
        > Ravenna.The main thing is to spend money wisely, while some groups
        > have alot of funds, they do depleat fast if you are not careful.
        > I look forward to hearing and meeting everyone,
        > Luther
        > --- In stcarol@yahoogroups.com, J M Hughes <jmhughes@> wrote:
        > >
        > > Hello and welcome to "lapalmer1969" and his lady who have joined
        > our
        > > yahoo group for College of St Carol on the Moor!
        > >
        > > You are correct, sir, that Olney is just over the "official
        > for
        > > our shire, but, so what, we're glad to have you in the area. We
        > look
        > > forward to putting names and faces to your initial email.
        > >
        > > We're currently a smallish group, but the shire has been here
        > 29
        > > years, founded this next month (Sept) back in 1979. And, we have
        > > long-established and now rather flush bank account that needs
        > > brainstorming on how to put that $$ to good use (other than a
        > suggestion
        > > that we take a group vacation to Disney World. :) )
        > >
        > > Now that fall is upon us, when would we like to have a shire
        > meeting to
        > > mull over "where we're currently at", "what shall we
        do", "what's
        > the
        > > latest SCA news" and, of course, socialize?
        > >
        > > With our jobs and such, Sundays seem to have been the popular
        > in the
        > > recent past. For my part, I'm in the middle of rehearsing a play
        > > (intensive 2 character show) which opens 9/19. so I am
        > for
        > > the last two Sundays of that month. Whatever day and date works
        > best
        > > for all, we also should consider if we want to meet in
        > or in
        > > Effingham, and where in which town.
        > >
        > > What do others think? Chime in now as you may.
        > >
        > > Myrra (aka Jeri Hughes)
        > >
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