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89SUNDAY FUN DAY at the Strongs'

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  • Cass Strong
    Jun 2, 2005
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      They're baaaack!!

      Sunday Fun Day this Sunday, June 5th, at Olaf's Stronghold! Starting at 2pm, we will have the armory open for armoring or work on projects, archery target shooting, youth boffer fighting if any other youths (besides James) show up. There will be no official SCA fighter practice if there is not a marshal present but if you show up with your armor you can do what you like...however rain is predicted. There is room in the armory for plenty of folks and pell practice, etc.

      The house will open for garbing sessions or work on indoor projects or just chatting.

      Our regular monthly business meeting will take place around 5pm. Since Rachel's birthday is this week and Brendan is graduating on Friday, I thought it might be fun to bring some snacks to celebrate. We will provide lemonade & cupcakes (and disposable tableware)...bring finger foods/desserts if you wish or just bring yourselves. We will be talking about plans for Jubilee Old English Faire, the website, filling the herald's position, plans for fall, and Pennsic if there are any who are going. (Or we can all just tell our favorite Pennsic stories and you'll want to go next year!)

      PS there are many officers we COULD have if folks were interested...such as chronicler, minister of children, arts & sciences coordinator, chatelaine etc etc...if you've been feeling the urge to be an officer take a look at http://www.ansteorra.org/regnum/hospitaler/articles/fip.htm. This is a link from the sca.org page that explains a lot of the basic stuff you need to know about the SCA, including descriptions of the officers' duties.

      DIRECTIONS to the Strong's:

      (From Charleston)- Take Rt. 130 north out of town. After 5 miles you
      will see a sign that says, Fairgrange Bushton Rardin but DO NOT turn there!
      Take a RIGHT at the next road (should be 6 miles from town). The sign there
      will say Humboldt (but you will be heading toward Bushton not Humboldt) There is
      also a sign for the Bushton Christian Church. This is road 1500N. Follow 1500N
      for 1 3/4 miles. We live in a mostly red house on the right-hand side of the
      road. There are lots of trees, an old house trailer, a big white metal pole
      barn and a few falling-down red barns. If you reach Bushton you have gone TOO
      FAR, turn around and go back.

      Olaf's cell - 549-2905
      Cass' cell - 549-6523 if you get lost.

      If you are coming from farther away than Charleston, email me at
      tstrong@... for directions.

      Thanks all!


      Lady Castellana de Salas
      Seneschal of St. Carol on the Moor

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