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1583Fall event/demo planning

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  • kendrick_the_tinker
    Mar 21, 2012
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      We need to begin the planning stage for our fall extravaganza.
      First we need to hammer out some ideas and then when we want to have a meeting to finalize things.

      1) What weekend are we going to schedule for this? Labor day weekend (Aug. 31- Sept. 2) would be good event wise but bad for students. Sept 6-9 might be ok. We just won't have some of our local folks due to the ToC in Ohio. We don't want to do it on the next weekend ( Sept. 14-16) because there is an event nearby. (May not be able to due to 100 mile rule anyhow.)
      2) Are we going to do a lunch?
      3) What kind of budget do we want to have? (somewhat dependent on if we do lunch)

      I'm sure there are more things that need considered, but lets start the conversation.
      I would like to have a meeting in early April so we can get on the calendar(s).
      (Thanks for the guidance Jeri!)

      In Service,