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1582BoD Commentary Request on Same Gender Consort Proposal

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  • Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh
    Mar 16, 2012
      As a Public Service Reminder, the BoD is soliciting input from across the Known World regarding same-sex couples in Crown/Coronet lists, with a deadline of April 1, 2012. This deadline is approaching rapidly. If you have any thoughts on this, yea or nay, make your opinion known to the BoD as soon as possible.

      If you're in favor, tell the BoD so.
      If you don't care, tell the BoD so.
      If you're opposed, tell the BoD so.

      Discussing it here is not the same as advising the BoD. If you want your opinion to count, tell the BoD.

      This is one of the biggest changes ever suggested to the Society. Take your opportunity to help direct the SCA for the future.

      From the Board:

      At the Oct 2011 Board meeting, in response to a formal request from An Tir and a substantial amount of related correspondence from our membership, we committed to crafting proposed language to allow same-gender consorts at the Crown/Coronet List level to send out for commentary. This topic is clearly emotionally charged for many people, whether for or against the change. We do not have clear direction from a majority of participants based on either the Census data or the correspondence received to date.
      The Board therefore solicits commentary on the following potential language change to its governing documents in hopes of eliciting commentary and direction from the membership:

      Current language:
      Each competitor in a Royal Lists must be fighting for a consort of the opposite gender.

      Proposed Language:
      Each competitor in a Royal Lists must be fighting for a consort of the opposite gender. Crowns may permit entry into the Royal Lists by same-gender couples.

      Comments on this proposal are due by April 1, 2012 (to comments@...). Please use the title "Same-Gender Consort Proposal" in the Subject line.
      Midlands Seneschal

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