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  • kendrick_the_tinker
    Mar 8, 2012
      I just got word back from the head of the fair board.

      I had forwarded him all of our questions/concerns and they discussed it at their meeting.

      Would horses and/or dogs be allowed on site?
      -Both would be fine. As long as the dogs aren't running loose and are picked up after.

      What would the situation for restrooms/porta-pottys and water be?
      -They will open the restrooms on the fairgrounds for us. No mention of porta-pottys.

      Would alcohol be allowed on site?
      -"As long as we don't hear about it we don't care." So "Disreetly damp" I'm guessing.

      Would use of a dumpster for trash disposal be part of the use or would we need to pack it off site?
      -We would need to remove our own trash.

      What is/isn't allowed on fires? The question I was asked was specifically about camp stoves or a turkey fryer burner for cooking. -Camp stoves/burners/turkey fryers are fine. No campfires or fire pits.

      Is there any kind of indoor space people can go to in case of inclement weather?
      -They will make sure the cattle barns along the road are cleared out for us to use if we need to.

      And lastly, what impact would any of these have on the anticipated donation? (including possible electric use as you mentioned)
      -They will make sure the water and electricity are on in the camping area and are asking for $300 for the full use of the site.

      I think that is all. He said any of the fall dates sound fine to them so we just need to pin it down.

      We are set to Gulf Wars for a week. When do we want to meet to discuss this more?