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  • Deborah Murphy Kerr
    Jan 25, 2012
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      Typically, the bliaut would have been made of linen or wool, depending upon the availability of fibers and the season in which it would be worn. The pretty wrinkly silk bliauts you see for sale are not all that authentic, although they are often accepted as SCA garb. They tend to be based more upon the Pre-Raphaelite art rendered and popular in the Victorian era. I would reccomend that you try using linen if you have it, which is easier to work with than either silk or synthetic fabric, or if you don't have linen, try 100% cotton. Cotton is not period to the region for a bliaut, but you will be more comfortable in that than in a synthetic fabric, and sometimes you can get lucky and find fabric that at least has a linen-y looking weave. I have some excellent handouts from the last R.U.M. on making a bliaut, as well as some experience, and would be glad to share both. If you can make it to Mattoon, perhaps we could schedule a sewing circle.


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      Quick question. I would like to try to sew a bliaut. I know it is typically made of silk, but I would like to make my first trial out of a cheap material I have and then wear it to an event to get some insight on the design and make before trying my hand at real silk. The material is a green silk like polyester. Would it be terribly tacky to do this?

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