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1487Re: [stcarol] Re: Moot ideas with addons

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  • Matthew Strong
    Sep 6, 2011
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      Sounds good to me. We gonna do the usual at Ro-n-Max's? Bring meat and a
      dish to pass for eats? or going out?


      On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 10:45 AM, kendrick_the_tinker <jervamp@...>wrote:

      > **
      > OK I got things hammered out more on what was going on this weekend. We
      > can't do it Saturday because I am teaching a class at "For Hands" in
      > Shattered Crystal.
      > Sunday we will have Roana's husband captive but he is able to ride along
      > for the moot after all.
      > It turns out that Roana is wanting to have a meeting for Crown. I know Jeri
      > had said something similar. But with me working evenings, and the next 2
      > weekends after this one my timeslots are limited.
      > So what the working plan is for Sunday Sept.11th at the moment is doing the
      > demo/moot early in the afternoon and then having a meeting later in
      > Champaign at Roana's house.
      > So Moot at 1PM to 2:30/3-ish Meeting in Champaign at 5PM at Roana's house.
      > Is this doable? I hope so.
      > Kendrick

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