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  • kendrick_the_tinker
    Apr 18, 2011
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      I forgot to post this. I'm sorry.
      Here is a list of the dates reflecting what they had 2 weeks ago.
      Hopefully we can find a weekend we can work with.

      Mr. Vail,

      We usually do weekday afternoon programs, Tues or Wed, but I know that cuts into your people's work schedule, so weekends are ok if that is what is avaiable. We are always closed on Thursdays, so that day is out. I could email our calendars, but they are in publisher and I didn't know if you could open them. The times of 6-8 pm (on alternating Tuesdays)and 2-4 pm are on alternating Mondays, so it's really not that full, it just looks that way in list form instead of on the calendar.

      Here's what is scheduled so far:

      Modays 10:30-11 preschool storyhour through both June and July
      June 7, 6-8pm
      June13, 2-4pm
      June 21, 6-8pm
      June 27, 2-4pm
      June 29, 6-8pm

      July 4, closed
      July 5, 6-8pm
      July 11, 2-4pm
      July 13, 2-3pm
      July 19, 6-8pm
      July 25, 2-4pm

      We're very excited about this. Thank you again,

      Beth Lugar
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