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  • C E Hughes
    Aug 1, 2010

      Our meetings are very informal at this point in time. Many of our
      regular members are, or have been, officers at a variety of levels in
      the SCA. Kendrick and Terra (and the boys) have been gracious enough
      to open their home and workshop in Effingham for a variety of
      activities. These are usually casual.- Armouring for fencing. youth
      combat and the heavy lists are frequent shop activities and the forge is
      usually running and help is available there also. Sewing, needle work
      and other projects (or a good book and conversation) usually occupy the
      time in the house. Sometimes a pot luck dinner will follow and gaming
      may occupy the evening.

      Dress for these activities is up to the individuals..... most often
      comfortable clothes from the present or past. We do have loaner items
      that we can help you with to get you started. Simple clothes and
      patterns are available through a number of our members. Traveling to
      events is when you will need the clothes, feast ware and simple
      "accoutrement" for comfort (chair, snacks, projects). We can help you
      with most of that. You will find you interests may well lead you to a
      time or place that will date your apparel.... or you may find that the
      apparel that strikes you "minds eye"leads you to a time and place.

      We have a demo coming up in Effingham. We will most likely meet prior
      to that and we can talk to see what you might need if you can join us
      for that activity. Give yourself some time to take in the many aspects
      of the SCA. There is great diversity but with the size of our group, we
      frequently need to seek out practitioners in some arts & crafts. We do
      have a good pool of experienced members to help.

      Relax and take things in. This will all come to you as you choose you
      activity levels and interests.


      On 7/31/2010 2:41 PM, twilight_bewitching wrote:
      > My only question at this point is do you wear period clothing to the
      > general meetings? If so, is there any local place for purchasing these
      > clothes or patterns to make them? I can't sew worth a hoot, but I
      > could probably talk one of my sisters into helping me out in that
      > regard or pay someone to sew the dress. Any help in that regard would
      > be appreciated.
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