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1314Re: [stcarol] It's A Bit Quiet in Here!

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  • Deborah Murphy Kerr
    Jul 14, 2010
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      Wish we could have come to see the forge and watch the work, but that was
      the weekend of my 35th class reunion. Hope all who attended enjoyed
      themselves. Is anyone going to Simple Day? I will be spending much of my
      time at that event supervising the "Motherhood Vigil" (baby shower) for
      Mistress Sarafina Sinclair. It's open attendance, so please feel free to
      wander by and say hello.


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      From: rainbow_stone_talker
      Greetings everyone!

      Just thought I'd post as it's a bit quiet at the moment!

      I've been very busy with the garden. We've got summer fruits and veggies
      producing, and I've been getting ready to freeze, can, jam, wine, and other
      preserving activities.

      I've also been busy cleaning out the garage reclaiming it for the pottery
      studio. I've one more pick-up truck load of molds to go, then huzzah! Space!
      These molds are Christmas tree, pumpkin, basket etc type molds. I've
      advertised them on Freecycle; if no one takes them I'm going to use them as
      the base for a mound rock garden!

      So Kendrik, how did the forge activities go? I have been watching for a
      post -- hope it was eagerly attended!

      My out-of-state SCA friends are all talking about Pennsic; anyone from here

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