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1103Re: Weekend of Oct 11-12

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  • Kendrick
    Oct 9, 2008

      The gathering this weekend is hereby canceled due to events that I am
      sure everyone is aware of at this point. Sorry for the mess. I'm
      not crazy. Really, trust me. *twitch*

      I am forwarding the plans for the gathering that was planned for
      Sunday in Olney by that group for anyone interested.

      "I want to extend an invitation to all for another work day to be held
      this Sunday starting around noon at my house. Please feel free to
      extend the invitation to others not on this list.

      1030 W. Main St. ( 2 blocks west of CVS, we are across from Faith Oil

      All children welcome. :) We do own 3 inside dogs but will put them up
      if they are a problem for anyone.

      Savaric plans to make a permanent pell in the backyard and thought
      others might want to join him for some sword and shield type of drills
      and training."

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