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Re: [stationpro] RS232 question

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  • Sid Leben
    Jim, Thanks for the quick response. I thought that was what you would say. As the DB-25 s are still on back order, I ll take my time. Since I recently sold
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      Thanks for the quick response.  I thought that was what you would say.  As the DB-25's are still on back order, I'll take my time.  Since I recently sold all my Collins gear, I am left with the K3 and a KX1.  I will probably use the controller for the K3 and two receivers.  I know, overkill !  As my station configuration is constantly changing, the ProII will come in handy.
      I just have the Pods left to build and I can not thank you enough for the pleasurable experience the kit was to build. Having been in in the electronics design and manufacturing business in my youth, I can really appreciate your skills.  


      Sid KC2EE
      On Jul 31, 2010, at 6:38 PM, Jim Garland wrote:


      Hi Sid,

      You shouldn’t have any problem using the unfiltered DB-25 connectors for the pods since you’ve used the filtered DB-25s on the controller unit. Six of one, half-dozen of the other.


      However, just make sure that you don’t use the same gender DB-25 connectors on the controller as you use on the pods. Since you’re putting female DB-25s on the controller, then you must put male DB-25s on the pods. The reason is that the cable wiring is mirror imaged when comparing a male and female connector, so if the connectors at each end of the cable have the same gender, then all the pod pinouts will be scrambled! As long as one end of the cable is male and the other end is female, then all will be right.


      Jim W8ZR


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      As the pod 25 pin connectors from Mouser shipped, I used the POD 25 pin female units for the ProII. As I will be making up my own cables for the POD's I saw no problem. However, I noticed that the POD connectors had ferrite beads, while those specified for the controller did not.

      Can I safely use the backordered controller connectors for the POD's, or shall I re-order (3) add'l Pod connectors as specified. Gender is not an issue.



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