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603Re: [stationpro] SP-II Black Front Panels Available

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  • Paul Christensen
    Aug 10, 2014
      Ditto what Bill wrote.  I am in the adding another rig and just recently updated the text to reflect a new SDR transceiver that’s en-route.  During SP2 construction a couple years ago, I made a few wiring changes and added a “Program/Operate” switch to the DB9 serial connector to allow code changes without needing to crack open the SP2 case.  That works very well.

      My main  SP2 has an embedded web control board and that has allowed me to switch rigs and amps while operating from remote locations.  The only issue being a photoMOS DPST relay on my PCB that failed in a closed state across the SP2 power switch.  It’s rated for 2A of DC current so the root cause is still a mystery but the replacement has been going strong for the last year.

      I have a spare SP2 that will be used for an extensive joint project between N4CC and myself.  The SP2 will be used to switch rigs and amps at a remote location about an hour NW of Jacksonville.  The site has a pair of self-supporting Pirod towers.  Tower #1 is 140 ft and Tower #2 is 100 ft.  I’m presently looking at used telecom equipment shelters to house all the gear.  These are nice for remote purposes in that they come pre-assembled with power entry, HVAC, ladder racking, internal/external lighting, and environmental monitoring.  The SP2 will be a big part of this project.

      Paul, W9AC  
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