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600Re: [stationpro] SP-II Black Front Panels Available

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  • Bill Morton
    Aug 10, 2014
      Still smiling everyday when I switch my SP-2. In 50 years of Ham radio no station accessory has given me more joy - thank you...again. My black "limited edition" panel looks great. I am sure the new black powder coated panels will look equally as good. All that is missing on mine is your signature and a "limited edition" number. :>)

      So have you got any new products up your sleeve?

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      On Aug 9, 2014, at 11:46 PM, "'Jim Garland' 4cx250b@... [stationpro]" <stationpro@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


      Hi Everybody,

      I've received many requests for SP-2 black front panels, which some owners prefer to the original supplied gray panels. I've now received one hundred newly manufactured SP-2 front panels with a black textured powder-coated finish and white lettering. These have been custom manufactured for me by Ten-Tec (who made the original panels), and are exactly the same as the originals except for the color. The price is $25 per panel, plus $5 domestic shipping by USPS Priority Mail.  The panels can be ordered from the Harbach Electronics website, which is now set up to receive orders. You can check out a photo of the new panels on the StationPro website at http://www.w8zr.net/stationpro/index.htm Soon, I'll post detailed instructions for swapping out the panels for the original panel.  These panels can also be ordered with SP-2 kits for an additional $20, with no extra shipping charge.  I'm quite pleased with how these turned out. They're very sharp looking.


      As you may recall, my SP-2 kits were sold out this past April. I have now restocked the PCBs and these are again for sale as usual (for $220, with the original gray panels, or $240 with the new black panels. Sorry for the price increase on kits with the black panels, but their costs were higher because of the smaller quantity ordered.)  (Note: These new panels are NOT the same as the limited- production anodized black panels with engraved two-tone lettering I sold a year ago. Those panels sold out in a few days, at three times the cost of these new panels.)


      Jim W8ZR


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