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  • k2tqn
    Jun 1, 2014
      Hi Billy,

      Thanks for the hint. I will consider the mod, even though I think it will be a once in a lifetime event for me. ;) But now would be the time to do it.

      I have a Collins desk with an S-Line and KWM2-A & 30L1 in it. These will be #1 & 2, and #3 will be my new Yaesu FTDX3000 and the other linear will be Ten-Tec a Centurion. I don't see any changes right now. My AM station is outside the house, 75A1 & 32V3.

      My station photo is at - http://www.qrz.com/db/K2TQN

      73, John

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      Congrats on getting that sorted out. I also have had a similar experience with Mouser and never
      have I had an issue with them in the past. I have nothing but praise for doing business with them.
      You will find the SPII project to be extremely rewarding and easy to accomplish. Jim did his research
      in his usual in depth and well prepared manner. My project went together without any issues.
      One thing I would suggest as a modification if you have a tendency to change rigs a lot, or
      reconfigure your station on occasion. The programming pins for the molex connector are mounted
      under the patch board. You have to temporarily remove the patch board in order to plug your RS-232
      cable to program the SPII, which is fine if it's a set and forget affair. On mine, I added a DIN jack on the back
      which is a 5 pin type, much like what is used for MIDI. This is wired directly to the molex header pins
      for programming the SPII. From now on, whenever I want to re-program the unit, it's as easy as plugging
      in and loading the file. Maybe give this some thought. To me, this is a good enhancement to an otherwise
      nearly perfect design. There is ample room on the back left of the rear panel to accommodate this jack.
      Good luck and have fun.
      73 de Billy N6YW
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