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577RE: [stationpro] Update on StationPro Inverntory

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  • Jim Garland
    May 18, 2014

      Hi Mike,

      I'll send you one, if I decide to make more. Happy birthday!


      Jim W8ZR


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      Jim – If you order any black front panels, I’ll take one.  Couldn’t make Dayton this year as I had too many meetings back-to-back (D.C., San Diego, Baltimore) for two weeks right before Dayton, and I’m exhausted!  So, this coming Wednesday we are driving (top down, of course) down to the Florida keys for a long Memorial Day weekend (also our 21st anniversary and my birthday) and just chill.

      Mike, W4UM


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      Subject: [stationpro] Update on StationPro Inverntory



      Hi all,

      I'm not at Dayton this year, but Jeff W8CQ of Harbach Electronics is still selling SP-2 kits there. Jeff currently has my remaining inventory of twelve SP-2 kits.  However, I've got components to make additional kits, except for the SP-2 front panels. My panels have been made for me by Ten-Tec's custom enclosure division, but the company is soon phasing out its custom enclosures. I've asked for a quote on having additional front panels made before this happens, however, and if the cost is acceptable I'll order another 50-75 panels. I don't know pricing yet on the SP-2s but I'm sure the kits will go up a bit. By the way, if I do order additional front panels, they'll be identical to the original front panels, except powder-coated black with white lettering. I think they'll look good, but obviously won't be as classy (or as expensive) as the black anodized, engraved panels I made up last year.

      Two other items: I discontinued my SP-1 kits a few months ago, but then just a week ago my XYL found a batch of SP-1 components buried under some boxes in our storage building. These aren't assembled into kits, but everything is there, so if you'd like an SP-1, just email me directly and I'll put one together for you. Price is the same as the closout price ($120 plus $12 shipping).

      Also, I have now restocked all my SP-2 front panel circuit boards (but not the front panels themselves) and also the microcontrller PCBs. A few folks have wanted to replace damaged boards in their SP-2s, so replacements are now available for these and all the other PCBs as well. Again, pse email me directly if you're interested.

      Tnx and 73,

      Jim W8ZR

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