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562RE: [stationpro] Hum

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  • Torrey Mitchell
    Mar 28, 2014



      Try this………

      Disconnect the FLEX pod cable from the back of the SP II.  See if this makes a difference.  You did not say if there is hum on the FLEX audio.


      I fretted for months about a suddenly developing hum/noise on my audio.   It was first reported to me while I was using the Tentec Orion II as net control.   At the time, I switched over the Elecraft K3 to finish the net.  Alas, the same noise was reported on my K3 audio.  I figured it was a problem in the W2IHY audio chain.  The noise came and went and the W2IHY boxes checked out OK.  After some weeks, I concluded that the noise only appeared if I had both the K3 and the Orion II turned on.  Finally, it became obvious that simply slightly wiggling whatever mic cable was screwed into the K3 caused the noise to worsen leading to high level feedback.  I worked with Elecraft who felt there was “something loose” on the PCB behind the front panel (where the solder pins of the jack are soldered) which was aggravated by any movement of the mic jack.  The K3 is on its way to Elecraft for them to figure it out and do all applicable updates.


      The reason for sharing the story is this…

      The noise emanating from the K3 panel jack somehow also appeared (and was first noticed) on my Orion II signal.  The assumption is that the SP II box was the only commonality between the two transceivers.  So I am wondering if removing the FLEX pod cable might be instructive.


      My Orion II is now in use at another operation position and has no issues.  It was replaced at my main operating position by the TS-990S as you know.


      I’ll keep following this thread.  I’m really curious.


      73 Torrey N9PY


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      Wayne, have you revisited your Kenwood SP II pod?  I would be sure that both the mic (-) and the mic (gnd/braid) pads are well soldered and that there is no shorting between them.   Same applies to the other end…the mic connector attaching the SP II to the Kenwood front mic jack.


      Good luck and 73,

      Torrey N9PY


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      I'm stumped and out of ideas.  Need some advice here.
      A few days ago a small hum suddenly appeared when using my Heil mic through the SPII.
      First the history.  I was using a Yaesu and a Flex with the SPII.  No hum.
      Both SPII mic connectors were wired for Yaesu.
      Sold the Yaesu and got a Kenwood.  Built a pod for the Kenwood and all worked fine for several months.  Until the hum showed up.  I thought maybe the old mic extension cord I had on the Heil had developed a problem.  So I built a new cord for the Heil, wired for Kenwood.  Changed one of the SPII mic connectors to Kenwood wiring.  Hum is even worse.
      If I change the Heil cable back to the one wired for Yaesu and use the other SPII connector, the hum is still there but smaller.
      If I plug a hand mic into the SPII Yaesu connector, no hum.
      If I plug the Heil Kenwood cable directly into the Kenwood, no hum.
      The hum situation is the same whether the Kenwood or the Flex is selected on the SPII.  Tried disconnecting everything but the mic from the Kenwood - same hum.
      So I'm open to ideas - anyone?

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