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556Details Ur 990S SP II Pod

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  • Torrey Mitchell
    Mar 5, 2014

      Hi Wayne,


      Thanks for the very professionally built S-line pod for the Station Pro II!


      My Kenwood TS-990S arrives tomorrow afternoon.  I’m making everything ready.  So I’m about to sit down and construct a SP-II pod for the 990S.

      I’d love to know exactly what you have included in your pod.


      I will certainly include L & R speaker lines, amp relay, paddle/key, mic, and PTT.

      How are you handling the amp relay and PTT?  I’ll probably wire both of these to the 7-pin DIN REMOTE connector…running amp relay to pin 4, PTT to pin 3, and braids both to pin 2.

      I am tempted to wire all 8 mic leads through the SP-II.  The UP/DOWN buttons on the MC-90 mic can be reassigned (per menu) to more useful functions such as TUNE and VOX on/off.  ‘Wondering what you did.  I plan to switch between the Heil PR-781 and the Kenwood MC-90 using the Station Pro.

      Are you planning to use the ACC2 DIN connector?  If and when I do, it makes sense for me to wire all the pins to a breakout box to facilitate connections.


      I’d appreciate your thoughts.


      Thanks and 73,

      Torrey N9PY