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537Re: [stationpro] Re: Bleed of Audio from Transceiver 1 into Transceivers 2 and 3

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  • Lionking45
    Jan 12, 2014

      Your responsiveness to your customers is first class.  Thanks for being patient with me and the niggling issues I have had - mostly my doing.  The instructions were great.  It would be good to have resistance checks along the way in a future revision of the manual.   I really enjoy the tool you have developed.  I will have a shot soon of the new arrangement in my blog.  I have always given the Stationpro2 high praise with my fellow hams.  Interestingly, most of my equipment is built by me - albeit from kits.  This includes the K2/100, the Hardrock and the KX3 and now the SP2.  The SP2 is a joy to use.  Thanks for developing such a tool.

      Ariel NY4G

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      On Jan 12, 2014, at 11:00 AM, "Jim Garland" <4cx250b@...> wrote:


      Hi Ariel,

      I'm really glad all is working well now. I think most SP builders find that after using the unit for awhile, it would be very hard to do without it!


      By the way, my inventory of SP2  kits is getting very low (three or four, if I remember correctly), so soon I'll have to stop selling them for awhile. I have enough front panels and enclosures left to make up twenty or so additional kits, but I"ll have to reorder some printed circuit boards.  I've sold nearly 300 StationPros so far. It's been a really fun project, and I've met a lot of very interesting people in the process.  Not surprisingly, most of the USA builders hold Extra Class licesnses.



      Jim W8ZR


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      Now that I have acquired a KPA500, I am really enjoying the capabilities of the StationPro2.  I have 2 exciters,  a k2/100 and a Kx3/Hardrock50 exciting a Drake L4B or an Elecraft KPA500.  Nice to be able to get 500watts plus out of the KX3 with this arrangement.


      Ariel NY4G

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      On Jan 4, 2014, at 11:27 PM, "lionking45@..." <lionking45@...> wrote:




      All fixed.  There were bad ground connections.  I had to unsolder the S)239s in the RF switchbox and sand the paint off the case.


      Ariel NY4G


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      From: Jim Garland
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      Subject: RE: [stationpro] Re: Bleed of Audio from Transceiver 1 into Transceivers 2 and 3



      Ariel, you could also undo the PL259s from the TRX1 jack and also from the output jack of the Relay box, and then jumper the two disconnected PL259s together with a barrel connector. If you do this, leave all the adaptors in the line, so that nothing is changed except that the relay box is replaced by the barrel connector. If you get a high SWR only with the relay box in the line, then that does point to a problem inside the relay box, or else possibly a dirty or bad contact on the output jack of the relay box.  (Since you see the high swr on all the other jacks, the only thing they have in common is being routed to the output jack.) Good luck, and don't get discouraged. We'll find this! It's going to turn out to be something simple.



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