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455OT - Hakko question

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  • Mike, K9UW
    Aug 26, 2013
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      Reviews on Amazon's web site imply that the Hakko Iron Holder holder is intended for holding soldering irons and is unstable when holding something as large and heavy as their #808 desoldering tool.  Is there anyone here who has actually used the #633 holder for the #808?  If so, what was your experience with the holder's stability?  It appears that Hakko sells two different stands, #633-02 with the sponge and #633-01 with the dry tip cleaner.

      If any of you are contemplating the purchase of the Hakko 808 Desoldering Gun, please know that it is one of the most useful tools I've ever purchased.  Three shack guests have used it and immediately bought their own!

      73, de Mike, K9UW
      Amherst, WI


      I think this is the holder for the 808




      this sure looks easier than my old Pace







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