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445Re: [stationpro] Re: Received panel yesterday - Thanks!

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  • Bill Morton
    Aug 25, 2013
      Well I can't let the "Super de-soldering gun" comment  from Torrey past. I have a Pace vacuum system for desoldering but always looking for something better. Jim, what is this de-soldering  device you are talking about?


      Bill Morton
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      On Aug 24, 2013, at 10:48 PM, "Torrey Mitchell" <torreym@...> wrote:


      Ditto that Jim.  Not long after I saw you last, I bought that super de-soldering “gun” that you showed me in the case.  Can’t wait to use it once I change out the panel on my first SP II!


      Thanks Jim for the very nice panel upgrade!  My complete Collins station included the working KWM2-A is back up and running.  I will use the second SP II to switch from the KWM2-A station to the KWM-380 station to the Drake C-line.  I’m really excited about using my boat anchor gear again…for the first time in a long time!


      Torrey N9PY


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      I received my panel yesterday! As a added bonus I ordered a desoldering tool that I wanted for sometime to assist in the refit.

      Thanks Jim,

      Jim K5WLQ

      Chris Kepus <ckepus@...> wrote:


      Been reading all the rave reviews….opened my package yesterday… WOW!!  The reviews are UNDERstated!! 


      Thanks, Jim! 


      Chris W7JPG


      PS: Your excellent packing and box size paid off.  First time that I can remember that a medium PM box came through  really whacked with a major sized dent!

      As I opened the box I started breathing easier when I saw the large cocoon of bubble wrap.  Panel was unscathed.


      "Any day above ground is a good day"


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