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4StationPro Update

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  • w8zr_santa_fe
    Apr 11, 2010
      Hi all,
      Eighteen more boxes of custom controller enclosures arrived from Ten-Tec a couple of days ago, so now all the parts for my "semi-kits" have arrived. My back is still a little sore, since each box weighed 60+ lbs! I unpacked a couple of enclosures to make sure everything fit, and they look very nice. My garage is getting full (posted a photo on my website). My helpers, Peggy and Tom, are coming three days this week to sort and organize enclosures and other parts. I also heard from QST that my article on the StationPro is provisionally scheduled for the July issue, which actually comes out in mid-June. With any luck, I'll be ready to accept orders by then, and also have my StationPro website ready to bring on-line. I'm patterning the site after my multicontroller and EZ-Tuner sites, though this one is a bit more elaborate.

      Thanks to all who have been updating me on their Mouser parts orders. Looks like Mouser is solving their backordering problem. I sent them parts lists for both the SP-I and SP-II a couple of months ago, so maybe they actually looked at them!
      Jim W8ZR
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