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391Re: [stationpro] Pods

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  • Mike K9UW
    May 8, 2013
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      I'll be watching responses to Ed's question with considerable interest.  I have two Orions and, to complicate matters, I don't use the mike jacks on either rig.  One rig is currently dedicated to digital modes (Navigator) and the other to voice and CW, with mike audio entering the rig through the rear I/O jack.  I've been trying to craft a scheme that would permit the StationPro II to assign the Navigator or the microphone to either rig while still using the rear I/O only.  Call me crazy, but I dislike using the front panel jacks.  Things look much cleaner when everything connects in the rear of the rig.

      And I agree with Ed.  The StationPro II is an absolute delight.  I'm finally able to mate rigs, amp and antennas without climbing on or over anything!

      73, de Mike, K9UW
      Amherst, WI


      On May 08, 2013, Ed Pflueger wrote:


      Any one have pod hook up's for the Orion II, Omni VII, and Eagle? I'm planning on using my Signalink USB for my common Digital modes. I probably will go ahead and use FSK on the Orion and Omni VII. My only amp is an Alpha 9500 and should be no issues for the Orion and Omni VII and I have the Ten Tec 318 interface for the Eagle.

      So far so good on the project just waiting for several parts from Mouser and I should be able to start testing. This box is just what the Dr. ordered.

      Ed... AB4IQ


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