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361RE: [stationpro] Connection problem on Icom

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  • Jim Garland
    Feb 24, 2013

      Hi Andre,

      That is indeed a strange problem. About the only thing that would cause the StationPro fuse to blow is a short to ground across the +12V line that powers the StationPro. What’s strange is that none of the 25 wires in the control cable from the StationPro (including the eight microphone wires) carry +12V, so I doubt they’re causing the problem. More likely, it’s a ground problem,  and the fuse blows when the shield of the mic cable from the SP touches the ground of your Icom transceiver. A couple of questions to help diagnose the problem:


      1. How are you powering  your SP? Do you use the same 12V power supply as for powering any of your Icom rigs?  A wall-wart, possibly (not recommended)?


      2. With the pod disconnected from your transceiver, turn on both the transceiver and SP and measure the voltage between the chassis of the transceiver and the chassis of the SP. I’m guessing you’ll see +12V, whereas it should be 0V.


      3. Disconnect the coax cable from the transceiver to the rf relay box and now repeat the above measurement. If the 12V goes away, then that suggests a short in the relay unit.


      Let me know what you find and we’ll go from there. BTW, if you prefer, you can email me directly at 4cx250b@..., so you won’t be bothering all the list members. Once the problem is fixed, you can post the explanation on the List, to benefit anyone who may have the same problem.



      Jim W8ZR


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      I wired a pod for Icom according to the manual on page 27.( I did correct the Mic+ to pin 1).
      As soon as I pug the mic cable into my Icom, it blows the 1A fuse on the station pro 2. I immediately disconnected the station pro 2 from the radio, replaced the fuse and checked the pin outs as i wired them. All the pins on the mic inputs in the front of the station pro 2 checks out OK if I test them from there to the corresponding pin #'s on the POD. No shorts and all the pins buz out just fine from the mic inputs on the station pro to the pad, but as soon as I plug it in to the radio, it blew a fuse. I disconnected the 8v (Pin 2 on the icom) from the pad to see if the unit did not like the +8v but that does not change anything.

      Any suggestions?

      Andre NJ0F

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