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359Icom connections and speakers

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  • dxer_dad
    Feb 23, 2013
      I just completed the assembly of a Station Pro 2.

      I have 3 Icom radios I am making pods for. Radio 1 is 7700, Radio 2 is a 756pro3 and Radio 3 is a 746pro. Each radio has its matching Icom external speaker. How do I tie these into the station pro 2 so that each speaker is switched to its matching transceiver when I select a radio?

      I thought of bypassing the station pro for the speakers, as each radio has its own speaker, but they will not mute when I plug my headphones into the station pro 2.

      Also, is there anything special I should know when I connect a Heil headset to the station pro 2?

      Andre NJ0F
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