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35StationPro Update

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  • w8zr_santa_fe
    Jun 5, 2010
      Hi gang,

      A couple of items: First, I received the page proofs for my QST writeup yesterday, so it's still on track for the August issue, which should start appearing in about a month. If you haven't ordered parts from Mouser yet, I'd recommend you do so before the article appears in order to minimize any backordering problems.

      Second, if you're building an SP-I, be sure and check the errata sheet from the "downloads" webpage, because I inadvertently left a 1K resistor and a 1N4005 diode off the SP-I Mouser order form. The download page now has the corrected order form. (The SP-II order form is fine, with no omissions.)

      Third, I've received several inquiries about possibly modifying the SP-II for remote control operation. Paul W9AC has successfully modified his SP-II for remote control over the internet and has promised to writed up his modification, which is quite elegant. Paul found an inexpensive ($35) embedded web control interface PCB which mounts inside the SP-II enclosure, and is connected to the internet through a second RJ45 jack which he added to the rear panel. A very slick job.

      Fourth, a couple of hints on finding hookup wire, if you don't already some in your junk box. The assembly manual calls for short lengths of 22AWG stranded wire, which is the most common type. For my own SPs, I used teflon insulated wire, which I like because the insulation doesn't melt when soldering. It's pricey if bought new, but one can frequently find it in various colors at hamfests or on eBay. (Multiple colors are convenient, but not necessary.) Another source of hookup wire is to buy a length of multicolored computer ribbon cable and peel off the strands, as needed. And yet another source is to strip the jacket off a length of multi-conductor cable.

      Lastly, I've been working on my StationPro website, and presently plan to publish it around July 1. I'll send out a notice when it's up and running.

      Thanks to all who have emailed me reporting on their kits. So far, everything seems to be going smoothly. And of course, you're encouraged and welcome to post your experiences and suggestions on this site.
      Jim W8ZR
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