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340Re: [stationpro] Hint: Wiring 8-pin Microphone Jacks

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  • Torrey Mitchell
    Feb 3, 2013
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      Hi Jim,

      Deja vous :-)) . I'll print out this email before I go to work on my second unit.  Did you receive my check in the mail?

      My Station Pro is working nicely.  I hooked it up today.  I have a 4 hour drive ahead later this week to pick up the KWM-380.  I have yet to put together the OMNI VII pod.  Once done, I"ll be a happy camper.  I plan to hook up the OMNI VII to the Ethernet again.  There"s some nice iPad/iPhone apps available for remote operation.  It would be cool to check into a net remotely just from the iPhone.

      I look forward to hooking up the Bencher Hex Key and resurrecting  my CW.   It says to use 2-conductor shielded  wire.  I'm sure there is something like that around here somewhere.  What wire do you use with your keys?

      Thanks again,

      On Feb 3, 2013, at 12:34 PM, "Jim Garland" <4cx250b@...> wrote:


      Most builders have had no trouble wiring up the 8-pin microphone jacks on the SP-1 and SP-2 front panel. However, a few builders have miswired the jacks and then have been faced with the problem of undoing the wrong connections and redoing them. This repair is hard to do without damaging the front panel circuit board unless you use proper desoldering equipment (NOT solder wick or a bulb-type solder-sucker). The reason is that the holes on the PCB header are small and close together. Removing wires, cleaning out the pads, and redoing all the connections is not something you want to attempt without good equipment.


      Virtually all the wiring errors to date are because builders misread the pin numbers on the 8-pin mic jacks. Misreading the numbers is easy to do because the numbers printed on the back of the connector are midway between two pins. If you associate the printed number number with the wrong pin, then all of your mic connections will be wrong (except for pin 8 which is the center pin).


      Here’s how to tell which pin is which: Look at the front of the mic jack and notice the key that extends down into jack. This key straddles pins 7 and 1. Pin 1 is to the right of the key, and pin 7 is to the left of the key, as viewed from the front. Just as you’re ready to solder your first wire to the header, check with an ohmmeter touching the desired pin on the front of jack to make sure you’ve identified it correctly.


      Now, if you find you’ve made a mistake and miswired the jacks, then call or email me before you attempt any repair. After we talk it over, we’ll decide on the best repair strategy. Chances are I’ll ask you to send the front panel assembly to me and let me fix it for you.


      Tnx and 73,

      Jim W8ZR



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