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321Microphone switching among different type rigs

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  • k5lr_bill
    Sep 10, 2012
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      Just starting to put together a StationPro II, and am trying to work out how to handle the microphones.

      I have a Drake T4XC, an IC-765 with the SM-20, and a Flex 5000 (uses Yaesu MD-100 type mics). Not concerned with aux functions like up/down, just want the audio, ptt, and, should I settle on the MD-100 or SM-20, the internal preamp / tone controls.

      The Drake and Flex take dynamic mics, the Icom an electret.

      I would prefer to use the MD-100 with all three rigs. Anyone done this? Problems and solutions?

      I have also considered getting a Heil mic and incorporating the rig adapters at the Pod end of the SP.

      Any suggestions?


      Bill / K5LR
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