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243RE: [stationpro] Re: LCD does not display anything

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  • Jim Garland
    Sep 17, 2011

      Tom, Your symptoms suggest a bad solder connection. If the LED for TX2 blinks as you push on the LCD, then that almost surely is an intermittent connection to the +5V supply. The relevant +5V traces on the front panel PCB go from pins 24-25 of P307, over to C310, and then to pins 3,4, and 14 of U301.  Also, the +5V feed to the LCD goes through R316 (a 10 ohm resistor) to pin 15 of the LCD header J305.  I suggest you check all those solder joints, as well as all the joints on the LCD header (both ends). Since pushing on the display causes an intermittent problem, I’d guess there’s an unsoldered connection somewhere, or a cold solder joint. Let me know what you find.


      Jim W8ZR


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      The plot thickens. I noticed if I press on the left side of the LCD, it gets quite a bit brighter. Also, the LED for TX 2 blinks in concert when I push the LCD> There seems to be quite a bit of give on the left side of the circuit board. Is there supposed to be something that supports the corner by the display to the front of the panel. I do not see anything obvious that is missing. I am guessing a bad connection (perhaps from shipping). When it lit up, I then tried the contrast adjustment, but that makes no difference.

      Tom NY4I

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      > Hi all, I finally got around to testing out the almost assembled SPII
      (only pods remain to be done. When I powered the unit on and program it, I see download is successful. If I push an amplifier select, the relay flips. I hear staging of relays a few seconds after powerup. I checked the voltage at TP204 and it is 5.01 volts. I also adjusted the contrast with R301. Short of pulling it all apart looking for solder bridges, anyone have any ideas. Note that the LCD is lit, just no text.
      > Thanks,
      > Tom NY4I

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