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232StationPro with MicroHam MicroKeyer II

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  • thomasmschaefer
    Jul 7, 2011
      I am brand new to the group. I have a StationPro2 and am contemplating how to hook everything up. I had a question about using external devices like a microHam MKII which is essentially a soundcard interface for digital modes as well as a WinKeyer.

      I wonder if anyone has experience with interfacing something like this with the StationPro?

      Basically, the mkII connects to the back of the radio via the ACC port (ICOM in this case) as well as the key and the CAT port. My thinking is that I could connect breakout the lines for PTT, TX audio and RX audio and plug that into the back of the spII. So, the external device (mkII) would plug into the back of the sp2. In turn, the sp2 goes to each rigs ACC port for those lines via the pod.

      Another alternative is that each rig has its own digital device.

      To keep this simple, this concept would be similar if one wanted to hookup an external TNC to their HF radio. In that case, is it recommended to use a single TNC plugged into the sp2 and then the lines into the radios via the pods?


      Tom NY4I