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  • starwarsgalaxyatwar@yahoogroups.com
    Apr 1, 2014
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      1. Orcs taken people from nearby lands (finished)
      2. A sea battle took place off shore from the valley(finished)
      3. A elven city has just been grown and awaits new citizens(finished}
      4. The dwarves are mining in the mountains trade with them
      5. The Fortress of the Eons is empty and stands ready to be explored
      6. Free the slaves [finished]
      7. Illathid (mind flayers)(finished)
      8. The Portal Keep War, may be breaking out with the New Alfheim
      9. The quest in the Portal Keep a different group (finished)
      10. Mystra's Tower being attacked by unknown forces (finished)
      11. The evil force is rising through the known worlds
      12. Silverleaf as left for the Alfheim on a mission (a different e-mail group)(finished)
      13. The Portal to Mystara
      14. Mystra's Tavern (another e-mail group)
      15. The portals in Portal Keep
      16. The new trade routes to the Southern Kingdom (King Gahz and the land of Aluskania)
      17.) Emperor Ferris Trinso's Alliances
      18.) The war between Aluskania and the Portal Keep (on the Portal Keep and Aluskania groups)(finished)
      19.) Escape from the Mind Flayers (Illathid) city.(finished)
      20.) The siege of Black Valley Heep (finished)
      21.) The murder attempt on the high councilor of Alfheim
      22.) The high councilors (of Alfheim hiring Mercenaries to hunt Lord Gilron)
      23.) The drow of Nurgdenia have many enemies and few friends
      24.) Silverleaf mission to find the true person behind the murder attempt on Lord Bellaseinnith
      25.) The assassination attempt on Goldleaf(Mystra's tavern setting)
      26.) The quest to find Brother Marcus (finished)
      27.) The quest to find the Key to the Great Portal
      28.) The quest of the forces of darkness to Stop Gilron
      27.) The sahuagin have attacked the Elven City of Coralatolla. The first battles have been fought but more are sure to come. (another -mail group)(finished)
      28.) a strange wolf as appeared in Aluskunia telling a strange tale (different e-mail group) The quest of Black Storm the wolf (on the group Aluskania)(finished)
      29.) The quest of Oldren and Auroura (finished)
      30.) The happenings within the Citadel of the Alliance
      31.) Lord Gilron Lightweaver as been kidnapped (finished)
      32.) The Lightweaver family have been poisoned, with an unknown poison Finished)
      33.) Archimonde has been released from his prison. He reigns destruction where ever he goes. He has taken over the City of Vane and is now moving into the land of the Mana Tree. Is he allied with the minion's of Ravaluti (the anti-creator or on his own. (finished)
      34.) Ghaleon's Quest (finished)
      35.) Redleaf's Quest to find the source of the doppelganger threat Aluskania site)
      36.) The new threats in Alfheim [the evil clerics, the mercenaries. the battle for the Emeralds]
      37.) Returning the Dark Castle in Dark Moor back to the side of light (finished)
      38.) Rumors of demons being seen in remote villages in the north of Waterdeep in the lands of Icedale
      39.) The quest given to Lord Gilron by the three fates on Avalon(finished)
      40.) The death of Dumbledor, the house elf curse (Hogwarts and the Order of the Phoenix site)
      41.) Evil is rising in Middle Earth once again. [Similarium Group]
      42.) The resurrection of Gallifrey and the search for the Crystal of Time
      43.) War in Alfheim
      44.) BSV Dimitri [Portal Keep Group}
      45.) Happenings in Collinsport [Dark Shadows Group]
      46.) Happenings at Hogwarts (Hogswarts Group)
      47.] The crash of the Elven Spelljammer Ship (Quest World Group)
      48.) Guardian searches for a great evil in Ravenloff
      49.) Another evil is rising in Middle Earth (Siilarium Group)
      50.) Freighters and other ships disappearng on the border between Federation and Spelljammer Space (Starfleet Battles [Milky Way Galaxay]
      51.) The Doctor finds friends and strangers on a mysterous planet (Tardis and the Timelords group)
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