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Re: Favourite Original

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  • MsFerengi
    I dug out Uhuars Song to reread. It s going to be a busy weekend with my kids so I ll save it for the next time I can settle in for a good read. My
    Message 1 of 3926 , Jun 26 6:38 PM
      I dug out Uhuars' Song to reread. It's going
      to<br>be a busy weekend with my kids so I'll save
      it<br>for the next time I can settle in for a good
      read.<br>My husband started me on the original
      series<br>novels. He had all the earliest ones. When I got hooked I
      started to buy them and we now have an almost complete
      collection. I have a couple of used bookstores nearby that
      hold the ones I'm looking for for me. They charge half
      the original cover price. The ones I don't have yet
      I've borrowed from the library. The other series I've
      managed to get the whole collections though. Except for
      the New Frontier ones. I haven't been<br>able to
      identify with the characters in those. <br>My oldest and
      youngest children (I have 3) are big fans and loved the
      children's novels based on all 4 series. Unfortunately they
      are not doing any more of those. But my 12 year old
      has tried a few of the original series novels and
      just finished Sarek. It's a lot of fun to discuss them
      with her.
    • voyagerbooks
      I can t wait either ... psiphi.org.
      Message 3926 of 3926 , Jul 17, 2002
        I can't wait either

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        > I saw it on TrekToday's website and on the Star Trek Book BBS at
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